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The next component of the bee hive that individuals know have limited knowledge is prolpolis. Propolis is primarily composed of resins collected by the bees from trees and plants. All propolis is not the same and changes with the type of plant, climate, soil and season. This stickly substance which the bees make to hold the cement the hive together has mecicinal properties. It contains over 180 components which contains Waxes 10-35%, Essential Oils6-10%, Pollen 5%, Minerals as Mg, Ca, I, Na, Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe Vitamins as A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and enzymes. Propolis has been used for Pharynx: acute & chronic conditions as mouth gums: erosions denture soreness, plaque gingivitis, periodontal problems and root canal treatment.

It has been studied and research for radiation protection as well as tissue regeneration. Propolis has anti bacteria, anti viral , anti parasitic and anti cancer properties.
I have used propolis to treat external warts, vaginitis otitis media and autoimmune diseases , especially psoriasis

Raven Crest Botanicals is a beautiful small-scale organic herb farm in upstate NY  She sells great tinctured propolis

More individuasls should be using propolis every day.

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