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Do you make your tea drinking special ? Do you make it like a ceremony ?
When he Book of Tea was first published in 1906 , it described a ritual of Japanese tea drinking. It combined descriptions of Taoism and Zen with such disciplines as flower arranging and architecture.

From the time of the ancient Chinese Dynasty to our present, tea has showed us its power and the fact that it has a lot to do with relaxing and sacred rituals.

Every country has different ways of serving tea and the meaning of tea being served. I can relate to most traditions although impractical to do during the busy New York City day. I admire anyone who practices such a ritual

I responded to the tea served in Morocco. It is almost impossible to spend 24 hours in a Moroccan city and to not be served hot tea. Touareg tea, or Moroccan mint tea is literally the heart of their culture. Strongly linked to the act of hospitality, the mint tea is served to guests three times with each glass meaning a different thing- Life, love and death.

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