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Have you ever eaten a fruit named Soursop ( also called Paw Paw) I have in the island of Grenada and St Vincents
If you have traveled extensively in Mexico, the Caribbean, and parts of South America, then you have likely seen the soursop tree, which is an evergreen tree with the scientific name Annona muricata. The taste of the soursop fruit is a delicious combination of strawberry and pineapple, with other sweet and citrus notes that make it very popular in these parts of the world. It is also cultivated in Africa,

This fruit has man health benefit properties. These include benefits for the skin, the circulation , and anti inflammatory properties. I use combine it with black walnut and wormwood for parasites It can cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and an immune booster

Some of the most interesting benefits of soursop relate to its antioxidant activity, which namely comes from acetogenins, as well as quinolones and alkaloids. These have been directly linked to cancer prevention and the reduction in size of tumors. The chemotherapy derived from this fruit is known as Graviola. Extensive research has been done on the unique organic compounds of soursop and it has been widely studied as an alternative cancer treatment

Try a Soursop You will like the taste of this fruit

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