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Herbal Medicine - New York City - Dr. Fratellone
If you look for the truth outside yourself,
It gets farther and farther away.
Today walking alone, I meet it everywhere I step.
It is the same as me, yet I am not it.
Only if you understand it in this way
Will you merge with the way things are.
– Tung-Shan

I have beliefs that if a Higher Power puts a disease on this Mother Earth, he also put a plant or herbthat is here that can cure it. Medicine has looked beyond the plants. I am grateful for technology and medicinal advances but man has lost touch with this inborn or inherited plant knowledge. As those who have worked with plants their entire life leave this Earth, they take with them an abundance of knowledge. It is my hope that more individuals start to record these older herbalists and healers. Modern medicine hasn’t scraped the surface of plant knowledge. Never underestimate the Power of Plants.