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This is a very common benign finding in a female. It is not a cancer risk nor carries any complications. These are benign cysts. Some of these women are on hormonal treatments which need to be stopped.

You do not need surgery but a strategy to decrease the size of these adenomas. A randomized trial was done using Boswellia, betaine and myo-inositol. The study found that this combination reduced the dimensions of these adenomas in young women. Myoinositol mimics the effects of insulin and enhances insulin sensitivity When taken orally, myoinositol stimulates glucose uptake in skeletal muscle cells, thereby decreasing blood sugar levels (by enhancing GLUT4 mobility) Myo-inositol also reduces urine glucose concentrations (over a period of 24 hours) in obese insulin resistant monkeys, indicating that it may decrease high blood sugar levels after eating in people who are insulin resistant

It appears that myo inositol is the same as inositol. I have used inositol to decrease Lipo@ as well as help with polycystic ovarian syndrome

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