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PSK is a water soluble protein bound polysaccharide with 1,4 glucan , 1,3 as well as protein It is the one of the components of the mushroom Trametes. PSP also from the mushroom is 10 percent peptide and 90 % polysaccharide This substance does not have fructose but has arabinsone and rhamnose.

PSK is immune enhancing and has very good broad spectrum neoplastic activity. It is good for cancet. It has been shown to restore antibody production in mice with sarcoma. It has shown to be good for radiation in endometrial cancer. It has antiviral properties, inhibiting HIV by modifying the viral receptor or stopping HIV from binding to lymphocytes.

PSP although different but similar can alleviate symptoms and prevent decline in a patient with a poor immune status
. It has shown good activity against sarcoma 180, leukemia, human lung cancers as well as cancers of liver, stomach, nose and throat

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