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There are many conventional arthritis treatments. Some older ones are gold therapy while steroids are the mainstay treatment . Now there are biologics.
I have utilized a change in dietary lifestyle as decreasing or eliminating gluten and cow’s dairy from the diet. In addition I educate the patients of highly acidic and highly refined sugar products. Green vegetables and fruits ( low glycemic are encouraged)
I utilize herbs as turmeric, wintergreen, white willow bark and devils claw. These are just a few.
I consider prescribing low dose naltrexone ( LDN) for the autoimmune related arthritis diseases.
I especially utilize humic or fulvic extracts topically and orally . These are proven to regulate the immune system as immunomodulators and work as potent antioxidants

Studies have shown a 92 % success rate when using a humic extract bath for rheumatoid arthritis.

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