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This huge canopy tree is located in the Amazon Rainforest. It from the Tabebuia genus which has more than 100 different species. The wood from this tree is widely used in construction as this wood is hard and durable

Many civilizations have used this tea for its wood and even it medicinal properties. Its main action has been against fungi, viruses and bacteria This herb does reduce inflammation and has been shown to kill cancer cells in some studies. The plant contain an alkaloid called quinoids as well as flavonoids One of the chemicals have been studied by the NCI ( National Cancer Institute) This is called lapachol. It has been studied since 1968. In 2002 there was a US patent for this chemical to be ant cancer

This herb has been used by herbalists against fungal infections. However it is widely used in Brasil for allergies, constipation, diarrhea and UTI’s The tincture dose I use is 2 ml two to three times a day

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