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MAY 17, 2017 BASIL

basils basil1

Who doesn’t love basil . I do. I grew up eating basil on every dish my grandfather ( Poppy ) made

There are many basils that are available. These are Purple Ruffles, Spicy Bush, Sweet Thai, Pesto Perpetuo, Sweet and even African Blue All the basils are edible but the textures can differ from species. These are grown for the flavor as well as looks. Basils are in Pesto and Caprese salad. The African Blue is the only perennial basil grown in warmer frost free zones. This variety originated as a hybrid of two types of Basil It even has a better flavor than Sweet Basil

The Thai basil is present in curries and some Vietamese food These foods lean towards the anise side of taste with hints of cinnamon.

The summer flavor has always been the king of the summer herbs and always will be

Until tomorrow…