Fratellone Medical Associates

Mission and History

The principles of integrative medicine underlie the practice of Fratellone Medical Associates, which offers the highest standards of excellence in a full-array of treatments.

Our guiding philosophy is an individualized approach to total health and well being that results from nurturing the intrinsic healing of the whole person. We believe that mind, spirit and body are connected, thereby impacting each individual’s health.

Our mission is to service, empower and partner with our patients and community on the path to wellness, transformation and wholeness.

Prior to forming Fratellone Medical Associates, Dr. Fratellone was Chief of Medicine and Director of Cardiology at the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine under the direction of the late Robert C. Atkins, M.D. Previously, he held positions as Medical Director of the Fifth Avenue Comprehensive Medical Group and Regional Director of Cardiology programs for the Ultrasound Diagnostic Schools. As a result of his development of programs and teaching in these positions, he is recognized as a forerunner in the field of echocardiography.

Dr. Fratellone completed his B.S. and B.A. in Biology and Humanities, respectively, at the State University of Stony Brook (New York) in 1982. He completed his medical training in London, where he broadened both his clinical and bedside skills. Dr. Fratellone finished his medical residency at Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York City, where he also pursued and completed his Fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease in 1994. During his three-year fellowship, he trained at the Nicholas Institute Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and the Division of Congenital Heart Diseases at the University of California at Los Angeles.