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Most individuals know about honey and bee pollen but few know about bee venom therapy. The use of bee venom therapy was discussed in 1858 in C.W. Wolf’s book, The Poison of the Honey Bee, in which bee venom is considered a therapeutic agent. I received this book this weekend at the Annual American Apitherapy Society meeting in Redondo Beach, CA Bee venom therapy has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis for centuries. Charlie Mraz, a beekeeper from Vermont, started treating people with arthritis and pain in the mid 1930’s with live bee stings. He learned about bee venom therapy from a New York physician and the author of Bee Venom Therapy who used this method, Bodog F. Beck. C.C Miller was also a physician but gave up his practice to raise bees and wrote a book, Fifty Years of Beekeeping

At the conference we detailed how to use live bees as well as apitoxin . Both are good . There is controversy which is more beneficial for certain conditions. BVT is used in Europe and other countries for autoimmune disease, arthritis, Lyme Diseases, sports in juries and many other conditions
The components of bee venom, is complex It does contain known substances mellitin and apramin
During this past year , my NP, Flora Tsismis, m son , Gregory and I published Apitherapy Products for Medicinal Use in a Complimentary Journal.

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