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I have been blessed to have met some interesting individuals in my life–from all walks of life. At the annual bee conference I met a man who introduced me to wonders of Kambo.
Kambo is the waxy monkey tree frog. It is known only in the Amazon. The tribes int he Amazon area and Peru gather the secretions of this frog and use it for ceremony. The latin name of Kambo is Phyllomeduisa bicolor.

It is an effective mental, spiritual and physical medicine with powerful spirit energy There are studies regarding the secretion or venom from this frog. Studies regarding the two peptides isolated from the species has been documented.  There is a lot written of the effects of Kambo in Ayurvedic Medicine.  Kambo is a cleansing herb- it is said that it penetrates the body with no obstruction reaching all tissues throughout the body.

More needs to be studied on this fascinating secretion and its affect on the human body


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