Fratellone Medical Associates



This summer I was involved in assisting some of patients in getting into a different kind of therapy. This a type of therapy was not talk therapy, but what I call do therapy. It is horticulture therapy. Courses and designated degrees are offered at the NY Botanical Garden. I learned a lot from placing my patients in a HT program and also participating in a HT program I am always up for a new experience in life. There are basic benefits to HY therapy. These are physical, cognitive emotional, and spiritual.

The physical aspects concerning exercise are without a doubt. The patient learns increased strength and flexibility. Even my dexterity got better. I love plants
The cognitive issues that got better are distraction from personal pain and suffering. I loved the change of scenery. I believe that this hobby of HT like all hobbies increase self worth and self esteem We all need a boost in self esteem
The emotional component of bringing back happy memories from childhood flooded my sense. I thought of my grandfather in the garden. My patients who participated began telling me of their experience. It generated conversation and excitement

The spiritual component was on an individual basis. For me I marvel at seedlings starting to sprout. I enjoy flowers ready to bloom. It is life

Until tomorrow….