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What to Expect on Your First Visit to Fratellone Treatment center in New York City

What to expect during your visitOur objective at Fratellone Medical Associates is patient-centered care with an emphasis on a collaborative relationship between patient and practitioner. As a new patient of our medical practice, you will receive a comprehensive 1 to 1-1/2 hour initial intake interview and physical examination, conducted by a nurse practitioner.

In addition to symptoms and complaints, you will have an opportunity to discuss your any family or psychological issues, your support systems, goals and anything else that may have a bearing on your health.

You will then be scheduled for another appointment for extensive blood work and, if appropriate, a cardiac evaluation. Two or three weeks after the history, initial physical examination and blood work have been completed, you will meet with Dr. Fratellone to review and assess your medical condition and establish an individualized treatment protocol integrating the best of conventional medicines with vitamins, herbs and other supplements, as needed. The outcome is an individualized treatment program, which may include, but is not limited to:
First time visit - Fratellone Medical Associates

Our approach also provides for extensive ongoing conventional medical care, providing the most effective integration with alternative treatments.