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Hormonal Replacement Center in New York City

Fratellone Medical Associates healthcare team focuses on individual hormonal issues and their relation to weight management. Some of the areas of treatment include:

Hormonal balance is like a well-coordinated orchestra. Each individual hormone, like a single musician in the orchestra, can function individually or affect other hormones.

In our practice, we test levels of each hormone depending on the patient’s medical history, utilizing blood serum analysis and saliva testing. We also use different hormonal panels. Based on these results, we individualize treatment and use a compounding pharmacy for natural hormonal replacement therapy (NHRT).

Hormone Replacement for Women
Menopause is the most common condition for which hormone replacement is prescribed for women. The experience of menopause, meaning the cessation of regular menstrual cycles—which is a normal physiological and biological event—varies enormously among women. Of the more than 60 million American women who have reached menopause, more than 80 percent experience hot flashes as well as a wide array of other symptoms.

Treatment of Menopause
Estrogen replacement therapy can help reduce symptoms such as hot flashes as well as help prevent osteoporosis. However, the use of estrogen replacement therapy to prevent coronary artery disease is controversial. For women with high risk factors that could impact on their longevity, such as high levels of fibrinogen and lipoprotein(a), there may be some benefit (see What to Expect as a Cardiac Patient). Fratellone Medical Associates does not advocate conventional estrogen replacement therapy, which is not individualized. Instead, our practice uses natural hormonal replacement therapy, based on blood and saliva analysis. As a result, each woman receives an individualized prescription based upon the results of blood and saliva tests that evaluate levels of all three estrogens—estradiol, estroneT and estriol— and take into consideration her risk for heart disease. We also test levels of progesterone and testosterone.

There is no single food that can help relieve menopausal symptoms. Rather, a balanced, alkaline diet is advised. (See The Importance of Nutrition.) The use of soy is very controversial because of the effect of soy isoflavones, which have an estrogenic effect. Studies using soy isoflavones suggest relief from hot flashes and vaginal atrophy as well as increased protection from osteoporosis. However, women who have had breast cancer or have a family history of breast cancer should confine consumption to two servings a day.

Supplements And Herbs
Fratellone Medical Associates recommends the use of calcium and magnesium to help relieve menopausal symptoms. The combination of folic acid, vitamin E, indole-3-carbinol and DIM (diidolylmethane) is also useful in treating hot flashes.

Studies show that certain herbs are effective in the treatment of symptoms associated with menopause. The combination of black cohash, licorice root and dong quai root has been used to treat hot flashes and chasteberry to treat irregular menses.

Acupuncture enhances endorphin release, reduces stress and can also be used to balance hormones.

Hormone Replacement for Men
The term sexual dysfunction refers to a number of conditions ranging from decreased sexual desire (libido) to disorders in the psycho-physiologic response, more commonly referred to as erectile dysfunction or impotence. Although women also can experience sexual dysfunction, this group of disorders is commonly seen in men.

Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction
Treatment depends on the type, severity and duration of the sexual dysfunction and can range from psychotherapy to pharmacological medication or even to the surgical implantation of a device to enable erections. The most common treatment is the use of the drugs Viagra and Levitra. In addition, Fratellone Medical Associates focuses on using blood and saliva tests to measure levels of testosterone, the major male sex hormone. (A low testosterone level is also a risk factor for heart disease.) In addition, we look at the use of statin drugs, which are often used to lower cholesterol levels but can also interfere with the production of vital hormones such as testosterone. When testosterone levels are low, testosterone cream or tablets help treat erectile dysfunction. We also measure levels of DHEA in men. This crucial hormone plays a role in maintaining energy levels and can be supplemented when low energy is a problem.

Herbal Treatments
Certain herbs can be helpful when sexual dysfunction is related to vascular insufficiency and others are useful when the dysfunction is secondary to hormonal imbalance. The herbs used for vascular insufficiency are ginkgo and hawthorn. The herbs for hormonal imbalance include damiana, chasteberry, saw palmetto and milk thistle.

Our approach at Fratellone medical treatment center is to provide our patients for extensive ongoing conventional medical care, while providing the most effective integration with alternative treatments.