Platinum compounds – especially cisplatin – have many side effects. One of those side effects is peripheral neuropathy. I use B6, lipoic acid, and hypericum to counteract this toxicity.

There are damaging side effects of cisplatin to the liver, brain, heart, and bone marrow. Cisplatin also damages the cranial nerves especially CN B for hearing.

There are many natural supplements and herbs that can be used to counteract these deleterious effects.

Some are Boswellia, curcumin, and a bioflavinoid called quercitin. There are studies to show that CoEnzyme Q10 allows cancer patients to live 40% longer than those who did not take this supplement. We do know that cancer patients have a lower CoEnzyme Q10 level than healthy subjects.

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We must rebuild and boost cellular immunIty, especially in cancer patients. When a cancer develops, it shifts the immune environment around the tumor towards a state of immune suppression

As an integrative physician, I must not allow this to happen. It has been shown that many adaptogens can shift the focus or immune system to cancer killing mode. One of these herbs is Withania (ashwagandha). I try to focus on adaptogens being more than stress reducing herbs Donnie Yance in his book, “ Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism’ discusses this in detail

There are other natural supplements and herbs that can do this. Some of these are beta glucan, maitake mushrooms, lactoferrin, olive leaf extract, astragalus, inositoil and panax gunseng.

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Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle and other hormones in the body. It is made of the amino acid tryptophan.

Due to the research in the 1970s and 1980s, melatonin was used more than it is used today. However, it has been shown that 20mg melatonin are useful in patients with cancer.

The uses for melatonin are insomnia, jet lag, sleep disorders due to shift hour work, to reduce side effects of quitting smoking, insomnia due to some medications as beta blockers, and insomnia due to disorders as ADHD.

A lot of my patients use melatonin, but I do not think we know the long term effects or safety. We do know that melatonin have an inhibitory effect on ovulation.

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Today, stress management is a focus of many discussions and the focus of doctor - patient intervention. There are many signs of stress that are common. The ones that are not so obvious are blood pressure rises leading to mini strokes, and increases in sugar levels in a diabetic.

I find that a patient who is stressed always states one thing, " I never feel rested no matter how much I sleep." Another one is feeling fatigued even after exercising. 

Laboratory testing needs to be done especially cortisol and DHEA. I utilize a DHEA and cortisol salivary testing. I feel it is important for me to ask about the stress of my patient. I have to ask about and manage stress in my patients in a manner that restores health to their body. I also must allow these changes to be maintained in some way. Not everyone can manage and maintain a level of well being.

Most of my patients know they should be getting a better nights sleep, should be eating less refined sugars and manage their stress with yoga and meditation. I go beyond this asking about hobbies they might do in the future. I often ask about their childhood and repeated a memory that made them happy.

It is much more than asking a patient to take a pill.

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We knew there was mercury in vaccines. Health authorities have concluded there is no longer mercury in vaccines.  Do we believe them?

Monies are currently being raised (about $600k) to investigate the use of aluminum salts in vaccines such as DPT (diptheria pertussis) and HPOV (human papilloma) vaccines.

We all – both scientists and the general public – want to study if aluminum is safe in vaccines. We do know that aluminum toxicity has been linked to Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Excessive aluminum can also be a cause of osteoporosis. These aluminum salts have been used in vaccines for more than 80 years. The FASTCARE group is behind raising the money and the proposed investigation. It is headed by Mettie Kenfelt whose daughter almost died after receiving the HPV vaccine.

It is beyond words to describe why metals like aluminum are in vaccines to begin with.

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There are an array of blood pressure medicines used today for hypertension. New research has concluded that blood pressure medications significantly increase the risk of skin cancer.

The diuretics as hydrochlorothiazides makes skin cancer seven times more likely especially if the patient has been taking the medication for a long time. These drugs make the skin more sensitive to UV light thus enabling the patient to get skin cancer. The cancer that is most associated with the diuretic use is squamous cell carcinoma.

More than 10% of the skin squamous cell carcinoma is related to the use of diuretics.

This is scary. If you have been on a thiazide diuretic, please get a skin check up.

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The herb Mistletoe was popularized in treatment for cancers almost twenty years ago. The same can be written about laetrile, B17. Mistletoe is true immunotherapy - meaning it has many actions on your immune system. It has been shown to strongly affect natural killer cells which promote cancer cell death. It also has been shown to decrease recurrence.

There are more than 4,500 scientific published papers on the effectiveness of this herb in killing cancers. It has been shown to increase the quality of life and stimulate the immune system. It has been shown to alleviate the side effects of conventional chemotherapy and radiation.

Mistletoe has been shown not to interfere with conventional chemotherapy, but increases the effectiveness of conventional chemotherapy. A meta analysis of more than 3,000 patients treated with mistletoe also had a positive effect on their survival. The study concluded that the destructive effects of cancer on the immune syste can be counteracted by mistletoe.

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There are many natural compounds that can be used in cancer treatment and cancer support. Many of these nutraceuticals and herbal medicines are not used in conventional medicine. Some of these have studies with positive outcomes.

Salicinium is a natural plant based extract that has many properties for a variety of cancers. It is a complex sugar molecule that is harmless to normal cells in the body.

The mechanism is that salicinium manipulates beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is active in may cancers. Like Vitamin C, it is safe for normal cells, but damaging to cancer cells. It is unique as a sugar molecule because it can quickly enter the cancer cells and kill them.

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