Coffee is a popular drink throughout the world. I feel after reading, “ The Devil’s Cup” that coffee preparations vary from culture to culture. About 3/4 of all adults in the United States drink coffee. More than half of this number drink it every day. I drink coffee every day

I feel more research and studies need to be published about coffee. The studies that already have been done need to be read by the population at large. Here are some facts:

  1. The risk of death decreases as coffee consumption increases among Japanese Americans , Latinos , African Americans and Caucasians

    2. Coffee contains multiple anti oxidants and ligans which are healthy for the body

    3. Coffee consumption decreases the risk of dying from liver cancer and related liver disease in Europeans

    4. Coffee consumption decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

    Give me a reason not to drink coffee ?

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Aspirin has been studied in many trials. Doctors encourage their patients to take an aspirin a day to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Aspirin at a daily dose of 100 mg was NOT seen to reduce the long term risk for cardiovascular or cerebrovascular events in a trial. There were 12000 non diabetics in this trial with numerous cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risks

Aspirin seems to be old hat. There are new studies to recommend other agents and a aspirin a day is not usually recommended all the time.

I often wonder once the patient has his high blood pressure and lipids controlled by conventional and integrative treatments— what is there left for aspirin to do?

Is there a role for aspirin today ? The ARRIVE trial was done more than 10 years ago. This trial advocated the use of aspirin.

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I haven’t seen the word dowager used in a long time. I remember it being used when referring to Helen Hayes in the movie Anastasia with Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brynner.

A recent study published in Menopause revealed that hormonal therapy in menopausal women can reduce the risk of the hyperhyphosis.

The results were convincing. I think less and less women should have reservations ( when appropriately discussed) the benefits of NHRT

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A recent study has revealed that a rapids decline in lung function is associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. The type of heart disease that is increased is heart failure

A rapid decline in forced expiratory volume is associated with a diagnosis of heart failure.

If you are or were a smoker have a pulmonary function test to determine your lung capacity. It is a non invasive test which can give your health care practitioner information about your lung status.

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This was observed over a three year period


It is helpful to think of neurotransmitters through the autonomic nervous system. You can test the autonomic nervous system by doing a non invasive test called ANSAR. It is easily done in offices with a computer program, blood pressure cuff and a pulse oximetry. Different measurements are taken in various positions and various maneuvers or exercises.

You can measure neurotransmitters by saliva and/or urine testing,. New York State DOES NOT allow such testing. I don’t understand why when these laboratories are certified in other states

When stressed, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in causing an increased heart rate, irritability and sweating along with decreased digestive function, lack of focus nd impaired short term memory. When in a parasympathetic mode , patients have fewer cravings, better metabolism, a happier mood, healthy bowel functions , improved focus and better sleep. Let’s all be in a parasympathetic mode

All practitioners should test the autonomic nervous system using ANSAR before prescribing NT’s as GABA, tyrosine, 5 HTP, phosphatidylserine, and even rhodiola.

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A class of drugs called aromatase inhibitors are at the cornerstone of breast cancer treatments. This class of drugs blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. The problem with this class is the side effect of arthritis. These drugs are prescribed for 5 to 10 years- examples are letrozole, anastrozole, tamoxifen and exemestane. I have many patients who abandon this treatment due to the arthritis.

A recent study looked at using acupuncture to alleviate the pain. This is a wonderful way to allow you to continue the breast cancer treatment if the patient wants. Many of those women taking these drugs complain of feeling old and stiff after taking aromatase inhibitors. Acupuncture was an effective treatment option in this group of patients

There are supplements and herbs that act like aromatase inhibitors. These are chrysin, pomegranate seeds and even Red Clover

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There are many causes of developing chronic obstructive lung disease. Smoking is the greatest risk factor.

The use of bleach can risk your developing a deadly lung disease by almost a third

I can remember the childhood days when my mother and grandmother used bleach on a regular basis. The National Institute of Health recently stated that individuals who regularly inhaled strong cleaning products were 32 % more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD)

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This is an important topic for many individuals. We know the herb enhancing aphrodisiacs and you cant forget the good properties of oysters.

Yet you must not forget that eating unhealthy will lower libido.

If you want to have a romantic night you must think to avoid the following

  1. Avoid sugar is the most critical. Besides constricting your blood vessels, feeding cancers, and increasing your weight ( and link to diabetes) it decreases testosterone levels

  2. Avoid any artificial sweeteners as they are linked to cancers. These also decrease serotonin levels

  3. Avoid dairy products especially if hormones were used

  4. Avoid deli meat wrapped in plastic as the PBC can mimic estrogens and decrease testosterone

  5. Avoid peppermint and mint as they have been linked to decrease testosterone levels

  6. Microwave popcorn contains a hormone disrupter called PFOA which can mess with hormones No whip cream and now no Popcorn !

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