This is devastating for the family. To watch a loved one deteriorate leave san everlasting memory that no one wants to bear . We all have some type of health sadness within our families. Be thankful

There are natural boosting supplements to prevent Alzheimer’s

1.A Multivitamin with B12 and folic included. It might need to be of the methylated form. Check your MTHFR genes

2. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to your health. I recommend three servings of wild salmon per week. If you do not eat fish then get your omega 3 from plant based oils/. I recommend 3,000 to 4,000/day

3. The one herb that everyone should take is Curcuma longa ( also known as turmeric) In India where turmeric is consumed has Alzheimer’s Disease 70 % less common. It has been extensively studied for AD as well as other diseases especially cancer.

Please evaluate any medication that you are on or a loved one might be one. Many medications causes cognitive decline.

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People with cancer typically have a low vitamin C. Cancer cells deplete vitamin C ( as it is very similar to the glucose molecule) Thus depleting the body of vitamin C reserves. Then fatigue ensures, listlessness, and low pain threshold develops. I use high dose Vitamin C in cancer patients in my practice. I find it reduces pain, improves appetite and sleep and helps those undergoing chemotherapy to better tolerate these drugs. I do not give high dose vitamin C at the same time the patient is getting IV chemotherapy

Conventional physicians do NOT believe that IV Vitamin C works. The reason for this is published clinical evidence is sparse and lacking.

IV Vitamin C is safe for most people , but there are contraindications. Some people with glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency have developed hemolytic anemia after receiving high dose Vitamin C.

In my opinion, IV Vitamin C can help cancer patients withstand the effects of their conventional therapies. More conventional oncologists should look at IV Vitamin C as an effective therapy.

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Some of the most common nutrients are depleted by commonly used medications. As a cardiologist, the use of statin drugs to lower cholesterol has been reported for years to deplete a cardiac supplement called Coenzyme Q10. I recommend any patient taking a statin drugs consume 60 - 100 mg of coenzyme Q10.

I also use many anti hypertensive or blood pressure lowering drugs. I find some of the drugs in these classes lower zinc, potassium , magnesium and folic acid. These are important nutrients for the body.

One class of drugs , the proton pump inhibitors for acid refllux are prescribed way too often and used for many years. This class of drugs deplete B12 and folic acid in addition to magnesium and vitamin C

I feel patients should know what kinds of drugs they are taking and what side effects each might have. The above is just a small sample of some drugs and their side effects towards nutrition and supplements

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On one hand we are told to rest , relax and do the best we can. That sounds great. Yet on the other hand while you are trying to do just that- you are told that someone is doing it easier, better and more effective than you. Now you are frustrated. Who wouldn’t be

I cannot tell you how the last two years of spending time with myself has changed my perspective on life. First of all I surround myself with loving and positive people. I try to avoid the narcissistic persons or better yet those that blame others for their problems

Second I get more sleep . I try to limit my phone and computer use as the glowing blue and white colors of technology lowers the body’s production of melatonin. I increase the body’s production of melatonin by ingesting natural raw honey every night

I seek through prayer and meditation my peacefulness and serenity. I have learned to “ LET GO” This is very hard for many including me. I also try to have less expectations of people and myself

All of this and more has led me down a path of recovery

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Can you avoid cancer? I believe everyone has the ability to lessen their chances of being diagnosed with cancer. I think the lay person or the consumer needs to understand about inflammation, especially chronic inflammation. To prevent cancer, you must prevent chronic inflammation

If you could adopt a healthy dietary and exercise lifestyle you can start the process. Then add some natural anti-inflammatory compounds

Plant based medicine is an exciting field for the treatment of cancers as well as epigenetics. By definition epigenetics is the study of how our genes are expressed when exposed to certain stimuli. How the body decides to turn on and off certain genes. For example how the body turns on a tumor promoting genes

I would like to turn off tumor promoting genes and turn on tumor suppressing genes. It is important to understand less and less cancer is hereditary. Most of the cancers today are due to the environment.

Change what you eat, and what you drink . Change the place you live can help but sometimes impossible to run from the outside environment.

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A perfect gift in my opinion is always honey. It is everlasting and never goes bad. The tradition has gone way back to Egypt. In Greece and Russia honey is given as part of the church services.

When you give honey you are giving a nutritious gift full of vitamins. I feel it is an honor to give honey to an individual. I give it as I am sharing a heart warming gift from my bees to the individual.

If you need to give honey there are many beekeepers who sell their honey. My friend Frederique Keller, President of the American Apitherapy Society sells her honey Check out BeePharm Apitherapy. In NYC you can get your honey from President of the NYC Beekeepers Association, Andrew Cote. He sells his at the Union Square Market

You can buy from Forever Bee They have a nice selection. I do know the flavors from Forever Bee come from Spain and Sri Lanka

Remember this : RAW HONEY is a symbol of wealth, health and prosperity.

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What is Poly MVA ? It is a lipoic acid mineral complex with trace minerals as molybdenum, rhodium ,vitamins as B1,B2, B12 and amino acids. It also contains N-acetyl cysteine and formyl methionine. It has been used to support and promote cellular energy production.

Other substances work synergistically or complementary with Poly MVA These others are CoEnzyme Q10, carnitine, D ribose and vitamin D, E , A and K.

Suggest this supplement to your naturopathic physician as it can improve energy . This was discussed in Dr LKee Know’s new book, The Mitochoindrial Theory of Aging. Dr Know is a naturopathic physician and best selling author. I would encourage all ND’s to read his new book.

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This is a problem that must NOT be ignored. Up to 10% of men younger than 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and upwards of 60% of men by age 69.

Are you one of these men? Or do you know someone who does suffer from ED?

The common lifestyle measures associated with ED are smoking, alcohol, drug use, sleep disorders and obesity . As an integrative physician I use both conventional and natural treatments for ED.There are natural urologists - Dr Geo Espinosa and Dr Ralph Esposito. I know both very well and encourage you to see them if you have a problem.

I could easily prescribe Viagra and other agents, but most of the time I do not. I will use high dose citrulline ( precursor to arginine) as a vasodilator and the release of nitric oxide. Rhodiola has been studied for stress fatigue and ED and there were positive results. Withania ( also known as ashwagandha) was not superior to placebo in psychogenic ED. I might still use it with other herbs as epimedium or horney goat weed. These are more effective after months of use and gets better with long term use

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