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JUNE 23-25, 2017 COFFEE


As Americans we consume a lot of coffee. In NYC, every other corner has a Starbucks. We are eliminating Gregory’s , Orin and other coffee establishments ( which is a shame !)
Caffeine makes your brain feel awake and alert. Coffee blocks the sleep inducing effect of adenosine and speeding neural activity. This makes us feel wired if we have too much caffeine. A 32 oz cup of coffee has 400 mg caffeine This is probably the limit not to exceed in a day. Exceeding this might cause palpitations, a bump in blood pressure, and agitation.
Caffeine can also lead to constriction of blood vessels which can temporality widen during a migraine.
One of my patients recently tried Death Wish Coffee due to the high content of caffeine. He said it tasted good and he got energized. If you are caffeine sensitive I would not try this product

Caffeine has been studied for its effectiveness of Alzheimer’s Disease. Drinking it black has been shown to have some protection against memory loss

If you enjoy coffee I would read the history of coffee ” The Devil’s Cup

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You need not lower your cholesterol always with a ‘statin’ drug. This class of drugs blocks the formation of cholesterol. Cholesterol is the building block or parent molecule for testosterone, other sex hormones and stress hormones

It is taken by 50 % of Americans. We know that this class of drugs depletes Coenzyme Q 10 . This nutrient is one of the most important one for cellular energy and needed by every cell of the body.

‘Statin ‘drugs also deplete Vitamin K and selenium.  The pharmaceutical or conventional drugs deplete many nutrients from the body. This needs to discussed. This will allow the patient to never get well.  The use of vitamins like magnesium, complex methylated B, C , D and E can lower cholesterol with a good dietary and exercise lifestyle.
There are herbs as globe artichoke, garlic, ginkgo and green tea can also be effective at lowering cholseterol

Be smart – stop statins

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JUNE 21, 2017 “23”

23 23y

In 1994, I found a twelve step program, a sponsor, and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. I cannot tell you how it has changed my life. Even at this time in my life when there are some lemons- I have made some lemonade.I have learned there are No mistakes but lessons to be learned.
I have learned some great lessons

I am continually growing. My hope is that you have grown too. In regards to your health I hope I had shed some light on a variety of topics of interest. I hope and pray you have learned just one new thing

You have two hands, one to take care of yourself and the other is to take of others

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JUNE 20, 2017 PEARS


Not one of my favorite fruits. I usually get a stratchy throat if I eat a pear. It is from the Rose Family. It has been studied that pears are abundan t in antioxidants. Could it be as good as an apple ?
Pears are low in calories, sugar and cholesterol It has good dietary fiber as well as flavinoids.
It has been found that the peel as opposed tot he pulp had high phenolic content.
Of note were that the fruit extract had good bacterial activity against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
It has been studied to manage Type 2 diabetes

So eat a pear tomorrow…
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beenature nature

I am passionate about being outside in nature I love sitting on my terrace  by my beehive and meditating. I love to walk in the woods ( I just watch carefully for ticks ) Science is beginning to validate the healing power of nature. There is definitely emotional and mental healing by being in nature. The impact of nature on human health is powerful
I always encourage my patients to get outdoors. Walk the High Line, stroll in Central Park or walk along the Hudson River if you live in NYC This past weekend I visited New Hope, PA, Lambertville NY , Frenchtown PA and even Clinton NJ It was relaxing, serene and beautiful. It helped my thoughts and inspired me to do  more and more each weekend I have free

Studies using brain MRI have shown more activity in the frontal cortex in those that were in nature. Less rumination, anxiety and happiness was also noted

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JUNE 16- 18, 2017 SLEEP

elderkly sleep

Pharmacological medicines for sleep can be problematic in the elderly. Although I am not elderly ( I am a year older today) I  have seen mental confusion, irritability, increased falls with and without fractures and memory impairment when giving sleeping medicines.

I try not to give these type of medicines . I have seen some bad side affects with ambien, clonazepam, and others in the elderly population

There is mind body techniques than can help which is very safe. I utilize some mild nervine herbs in this group of patients. Those older individuals that use Tai Chi are more inclined to sleep better. There is even an Ayurveda medicine prep with Ashwagandha, Emblica, Sida and Piper longum that has helped a few of my patients.

Those older individuals that can [practice Yoga get a better night sleep

I even encourage a teaspoon of raw honey as it increases your own production of melatonin which can be helpful. Sleep is so important Do not neglect your sleep

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