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Pesticides have been linked to the cause of cancer. The first recorded death of honey bees as a result of insecticides  occurred in 1881.  There was a review of Bee poisoning through pesticides published in 1941by FR Shaw. From this time for the next 60 years there have been reports of various pesticides and substances causing honey bee deaths.  The first law to protect honeybees did not occur until 1948 Although DDT was synthesized in 1873 , it was not until 1939 that its insecticide/pesticide properties were discovered

In 1981 there was some data published on 399 pesticides and its effect on honeybee deaths.  A publication called Pollinator Protection was published in 1990 to assist beekeepers. In the State of California due to less humidity there is less incidence of pesticides harming bees. This is important as this state grows more fruits and vegetable than any other state.

Although there was data and research on the harm of pesticides it was not until colony collapse disorders that some took notice.


metasol The main ingredient in Metasol™ is Oligonol®‚ a breakthrough anti-aging antioxidant that addresses the three major causes of aging: poor blood circulation‚ oxidative stress‚ and inflammation. Supported by 30 human clinical trials‚ Oligonol is a patented‚ lowmolecular- weight polyphenol derived from lychee fruit and green tea with excellent absorption and multiple anti-aging benefits. Clinical research shows that thanks to its low molecular weight‚ Oligonol can be easily absorbed by the body‚ giving it unmatched bioavailability. With the power of Oligonol‚ Metasol gently and effectively helps relax blood vessels‚ thereby increasing blood flow throughout the body. This product would be excellent for lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow in patients with angina or ischemia Until tomorrow…


geoespinoza ralphaesposito

There is so much to do in medicine. I can’t even focus on one area despite my fellowship in Cardiology. I see a variety of patients ranging from cancer to autoimmune issues to heart and lung problems. Let’s not forget gastrointestinal disease and helping females to achieve a normal pregnancy
I love discussing men’s health with my male patients. This area can be better served by seeing two practitioners, Geo Espinosa, ND at NYU and Ralph Esposito, ND at the Center of Excellence in CT.
I have learned a lot through these practitioners. Many of the male herbs on the market have little research supporting their use.
There are many herbs and supplements I recommend. Obtain an appointment with either of these two doctors.

I will add that I would consider the following :
2. Citrulline -sold as CitroNOX
A precursor to a vasodilator , nitric oxide NO is available at Botanical Bounty in New York City at 115 East 57th Street or by calling
646 723 1823

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I have had the opportunity to teach Integrative Oncology at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine for three years.  I am NOT an oncologist. This opportunity has allowed me to read, research and blog about many different Naturopathic Treatment.
It has allowed me to look at This is a great effort on the part of some very astute ND’s  to compile data for patients and health care practitioners . This website contains support literature with a range of handouts protocols for both practitioners and for patients. It is excellent.
There are some modalities and research that need to be added as acupuncture. There are a lot of studies in the literature on a variety of herbs and cancer. This website narrows down the best of the best studies that are available.
Please look at this website

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There is much to read about this autoimmune disease . I discuss a gluten free lifestyle, as well as certain vitamins, low dose naltrexone and even bee venom . There is also an association of the MTHFR polymorphism with many autoimmune diseases especially psoriasis. There is a 12.4 to 17.4 fold increase in the MTHFR 677 and 1298 respectively.
There are other studies to indicate there is no association. More need to be studied on this matter.
Some health care practitioner report a 60 % in psoriasis patients with the administration of methyl folate ( in a high dose of 100 mg/day) and vitamin C. I usually place the folic acid doses at 15- 25 mg /day I have never used it at a dose of 100mg
More studies need to be done

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artic oils


I advocate increasing EPA ( fish oils) in your dietary lifestyle. This could be accomplished through increased intake of fish or consumption of fish oil gel capsules. There are more studies to indicate this for coronary artery disease. A small study with 241 patients comparted a statin drug alone and a statin drug with 1800mg EPA after intervention. The study indicated the addition of EPA to the statin drug ( a drug to lower cholesterol ) decreased the incidence of cardiovascular events after coronary intervention This is probably due to the anti inflammatory effect of the EPA oils. This is just one example how a dietary addition to your lifestyle can make a difference.

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