I probably have had this infection antibodies in my blood for the last 27 years. I know 27 years as I have had my pet parrot, Gracie for this amount of time. Infection runs from about 30- 96 % in staff from wild life centers that care for birds and in pet owners like myself. These bacteria are shed in feces but can be either inhaled or breathed which is the reason I probably have this organism

These bacteria ( I call this group the sleath bacteria - which have features of viruses and bacteria ) Others in this class include Mycoplasma and Legionella. They generally affect the lungs and can cause respiratory distress. These can also lead to a more serious disease MALT - mucosa associayted lymphoid tissue

More interesting is C psittaci and its association with hashimoto’s and sjorgens syndrome Precursor lesions in both have been shown to contain this bacteria. Now it makes sense of my having hashimoto’s I have had pet birds since I was nine years old

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