An entheogen is a class of psychoactive substances that induce any type of spiritual experience. It is often coined at psychedelic medicine. There are NEW few books to deal with this area of medicine. These psychedelic plants have been shown in other countries to be effective for treatment of depression, anxiety , post traumatic stress disorder and even addiction.

I recently am reading a book entitled “ Magic Medicine” by Cody Johnson which I am finding both intriguing and enriching I widens my knowledge. It is a shame that more physicians and the medical community will not open their mind to this. I am receptive to expanding my knowledge. As a clean and sober man I would not personally try any of these at this time. The book explores more than 25 psychedelic medicines with a wide range of treatment possibilities for a variety of diseases.

One of my patients completed a treatment protocol outside of the United States for addiction using the plant medicine, Iboga. This West African bark uses this in ceremonies of their boys becoming men. It is one used in the ceremonies of the Bantu or followers of the Bwiti. I feel the writers of the movie “ Black Panther” touch upon this in their own ceremonies

Since the United States is in the midst of an opiate epidemic, why wouldn’t we help addicts beat their addiction. In addition it can be used with other psychedelics for patients mainly Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. Studies need to be done in the United States. John Hopkins completed a Phase II trial involving Iborgaine (Iborga ) for addiction Money is needed to do Phase III

The governmental administration needs to pay attention to the opiate epidemic sweeping this country and less on their own self serving ways

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.It widens my