None of us want to grow old. Why do we age? Can we do anything about the aging process. I believe with a healthy dietary and exercise lifestyle we can age gracefully and age better than I see most aging today. I also must say that I do believe whole heartedly that the seven ( 7) lifestyles changes are key: diet, exercise, addictions, meditation, self esteem, anger/resentment and self love are key to aging

The aging process is a result of complex interactions as the environment, hereditary and lifestyle ( as above ) are key factors.

We always read about the “ new “ anti aging supplement. But what does this mean. There are good studies on some supplements and the aging process. Aging is due in fact to the cumulative oxidative damage caused by free radicals. These unstable molecules cause aging by interrupting the aging process of cellular respiration and cellular metabolism.

Two supplements have shown to slow the aging process, acetyl L carnitine and alpha lipoic acid. New studies have shown that acetyl L carnitine can slow or reverse the aging process involved in the mitochondria ( powerhouse of the cell ) in manby different tissues.

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