There are new drugs for diabetes- you cannot control diabetes medically with only one drug today. Although metformin ( Glucophage) is from a plant —it is old ‘ hat’ There is of course dietary and exercise lifestyle changes. But there are two classes of drugs - SGL T2 inhibitors and GLP -1 receptor

Typically a cardiologist does not interfere with sugar or glucose levels I DO !! These two classes of drugs reduce cardiovascular outcomes in patients with heart disease and diabetes. I feel all cardiologists should be aware of these classes and start using them.

If the conventional cardiologists need trials—- there are plenty of trials to show this- EMPA-REG, CANVAS, LEADER and SUSTAIN 6 are just a few trials that have shown these drugs benefit cardiovascular patients

There are natural ways to treat diabetes. In addition to a dietary lifestyle change there are supplements as chromium, vanadium, and alpha lipoic acid that decrease blood sugar. I also utilize rosemary, fenugreek, gymnema and cinnamon to decrease blood sugar

If you are a diabetic or you know someone who is a diabetic, ask your health care professional about these trials and the SGL T 2 and GLP 1 classes and have he/she see a naturopathic physician.

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