It is helpful to think of neurotransmitters through the autonomic nervous system. You can test the autonomic nervous system by doing a non invasive test called ANSAR. It is easily done in offices with a computer program, blood pressure cuff and a pulse oximetry. Different measurements are taken in various positions and various maneuvers or exercises.

You can measure neurotransmitters by saliva and/or urine testing,. New York State DOES NOT allow such testing. I don’t understand why when these laboratories are certified in other states

When stressed, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in causing an increased heart rate, irritability and sweating along with decreased digestive function, lack of focus nd impaired short term memory. When in a parasympathetic mode , patients have fewer cravings, better metabolism, a happier mood, healthy bowel functions , improved focus and better sleep. Let’s all be in a parasympathetic mode

All practitioners should test the autonomic nervous system using ANSAR before prescribing NT’s as GABA, tyrosine, 5 HTP, phosphatidylserine, and even rhodiola.

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