FEBRUARY 17-18, 2018: STD

There is emerging data that the capital area of NYS has seen a larger increase in primary and secondary syphilis than any other region in New York State. Cases of syphilis increased 76% from 2015 to 2016. While it is primarily seen among males, it has increased among women in the region. This is concerning as it will give rise to congenital cases. This same area is also seeing higher than expected increases of gonorrhea. There is also an increase in HIV cases.

Syphilis has been increasing in New York State since 2011 It is highest among men and there is also an increase  in men who have sex with men ( accounts for 85 % of cases) There is also an increase in Hispanic  men Yet there is an increase in syphilis among women of child bearing age

A 76 % increase compared to 22 % statewide

Why is there such an increase in the state Capital area. I wonder if this correlates with the use of PREP among gay men who decide not to use condoms. There is much that needs be analyuzed from this data. 

More education needs to be done among all gay men as well as heterosexual  married men who have sex with men  This puts the female population at risk

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