Breathing is part of normal life- we do it about 20,000 times per day. Sometimes we each might have a difficult time breathing , This can be due to a number of conditions--Asthma being one of those reasons. It cam be environmental like pollution  or from allergies or even the common cold

One herb, Boswellia is a powerhouse herb for the lungs. It has anti inflammatory effects as it inhibits  an enzyme 5- lipoxygenase ( 5 -LOX) The active component in Boswellia is an acid known as AKBA.  You must pick a boswellia that has the acid AKBA.

Studies have shown that Boswellia in the amounts of 300 mg three times a day improved respiratory symptom s from 70 % to 27 % compared to placebo

Boswellia inhibits the action of mast cells which is the type of white cell responsible for histamine release, thus inhibiting  histamine  . Remember that histamine is responsible for the sneezing, irritation , congestion and watery eyes. I like to combine boswellia with thyme and myrtle.

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