There are many names for this broth- conscious cleanse, detox cleanse, or the cleansing cleanse. It is reserved for the individual who cannot hold anything down

 The person who cannot hold anything down including water. I have seen many ways to make this broth.  It can used for the stressed out stomach

This is the version of the broth that I like the most

1. Cut up equal amounts of the following:

1. parsley 2. celery 3. green string beans   4. zucchini squash

2. Put in a pan and add just right amount of water to cover the vegetables

3. Bring to a boil  and then simmer for 10 minutes

4. Remove from pan and place all in a blender and liquefy it all

If need strain the broth and have the individual do one teaspoon every 10 minutes

There are different versions on the Internet. This is the mother of all vegetarian broths- A real superhero

Until tomorrow...