We must help honeybees as well as our native bees. This is essential for our continued survival. We rely on pollinators for our continued health and well being. More than 70% of vegetables, fruit, and nuts would not be available in our stores if not for honeybees and other natural pollinators.

Natural pollinators are essential to our natural ecosystem and to our farms, forests and our own gardens. Not only do they pollinate our gardens and our flowering plants, but their bodies feed other wild life. They enrich our lives.

I encourage you to sit in an area and observe our native bees. You can help by not only getting a hive, but you can also plant a pollinator garden. You can avoid pesticides and choose non chemical solutions to your insect problems. If you need pesticides, use only organic pesticides. If you must place pesticides, do it before dawn and at sundown. Bumble bees are not on the endangered list. Please take this seriously.

Until tomorrow...