APRIL 7 -8, 2018 NEW DRUGS

I am always amazed that new drugs are being developed and approved by the FDA in this country. In the years to come I want to read that a botanical medicine or a herb has been approved by the FDA for a cancer or a disease.

For years  patients with Hepatitis C needed a 13 month protocol with interferon. There were many side effects with this therapy and most patients could not finish the protocol. Today treatment with Mavyret ( glecaprevir and pibrentasvir)  requires as few as eight weeks of  therapy. It was evaluated in 2300 patients with 6 different genotypes. While there were side effects as nausea, and fatigue --the side effects were better tolerated than older treatment options

I recently read of a new IV antibiotic for urinary tract infections This scares me as we will start to develop resistance This drug, Vabomere ( meropenem and vaborbactam) was studied in 545 patients with a high efficacy of about 98 % 

Technology in medicine in regards to treatment is excellent but I stil feel we need to be cautious

Until tomorrow...