Two carotenoids – Lutein and Zeaxanthin – are instrumental in reducing the risk of age related macular degeneration (ARMD).

More than 15 million individuals are affected by ARMD. So why are you not taking these antioxidants which essential to normal vision. Zeaxanthin is found in many vegetables and fruits. Some of these are yellow corn, oranges, apricots, mangos, papaya, spinach, amarant,h and mustard greens. Lutein which is similar is also found in fruits and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, peas, corn, and tomatoes. Do not forget that lycopene is also found in tomatoes. 

These two antioxidant have yet to be correlated in isolation against ARMD; however, there are beneficial studies to support the use of dark leafy vegetables reducing the risk of ARMD.

Start eating your vegetables! 

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