JUNE 4, 2018 – WET SOCKS

I would never think I would be writing about wet socks, but then again, I guess I could see myself writing about this. 

Why would I write about wet socks? This is an ingenious way to increase lymphatic and blood flow to an area. I learned this from a naturopathic physician years ago. Get a pair of damp cotton socks and place them on the feet followed by a pair of thick wool socks placed over them.

The idea is that the wetness of the cotton socks encourages the body to improve blood flow in and around the foot and the whole body. Why the wool socks? To keep the feet warm and allow them to breathe. I always thought this was a great way to improve circulation.

This is ideal for inflammation and a stagnant lymph system. For lymphatic flow I use Cleavers (Galium acarine). 

Until tomorrow...