Exploring a different borough can lead to great things. This weekend, in addition to exploring Bushwick, I explored Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's not far from Manhattan. I took the soon be gone L train got off at Bedford Avenue.

While visiting my friend, Christopher, we came across an artisan market. One of the first vendors, Urban Leaf, was plants growing from a variety of bottles. I noticed a mint herb growing from the bottle. The strapping Australian man caught my attention. "You can turn your apartment windowsill into an herbal oasis," he said. It is easy to bring a little green into your life. This is the most convenient and ingenious way.

I was in awe of hearing this man explain his company. I had never heard of it before. It is a simple and perfect way to bring green and urban gardening into your life. Plus you can use the herbs you grow in the kitchen.

Urban Leaf will not only thrill those that don't have green thumbs, but it supports a number of charities including Teens for Food Justice which provides urban farming education to food insecure children. 

When purchasing a box of "The World's Smallest Garden," you are helping a child produce a pound of healthy affordable produce for his or her community. I bought 5 boxes and will be growing Sweet Basil, Purple Basil and Lemon Balm.

Get a garden today!

Until tomorrow...