We all need to sleep a bit more. It has been estimated that Americans do not sleep enough, especially for those that live in Manhattan, New York. There are a lot of distractions.

I advocate many different remedies for sleep. This includes CBD oil by Canbiola, herbal teas such as Skullcap and California Poppy, and even some magnesium in higher doses. As a beekeeper, I advocate the use of natural raw honey. There have been studies that have indicated that honey can increase our own melatonin production.

There are some helpful foods that can also help you sleep. One is tart cherry juice – I recommend drinking one 6 oz glass in morning and at bedtime for two weeks. Some of my patients have reported a better night sleep. One teaspoon of raw honey at bedtime will NOT increase your blood sugar, but release your own levels of melatonin for a better nights sleep. The last tidbit is eat walnuts before bedtime as walnuts contain a higher dose of tryptophan.

Check out Botanical Bounty for their Calmly tea – a special blend of nervine herbs for sleep.

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Also available on their website: www.botanicalbounty.org

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