Neurofeedback has been used for years to treat different types of diseases. There is a surge of addiction, especially with opiods. There is also an ongoing addiction with alcohol and marijuana in increased frequency. There has always been  a high rate of treatment failure among addicts.

There are abstinence rates with use of neurofeedback for addiction since the 1970s. There are higher abstinence rates among alcoholics who used neurobiofeedback. The studies were done with Vietnam war veterans. More studies need to be done with veterans. 

We use neurobiofeedback as most addicts are missing or deficient in alpha waves which are the calming waves. We must know that neurofeedback is a clinically valid treatment and based on research. It should be integrated into a program of addiction with psychotherapy, behavioral support, acupuncture, herbal treatment, and even homeopathic remedies.

Since there are lower relapse rates with neurofeedback, please incorporate this into a program.

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