The fragrant white blossoms of the orange tree (Citrus sinensis) can produce orange water and a very expensive essential oil, neroli. Neroli is used as a perfume. The reason for its cost is that it takes one ton of orange blossoms to produce a liter of oil.

Orange blossoms were used in water in Sicily in sixteenth century. You would think that it would be lemons (as on the Amalfi Coast). It was used in making candies or sweets. For some reason, bitter orange caught on, which I will never understand.

Orange blossom water became famous from the Seville Orange (as orange trees lined the streets of this city) which is also in a French pastry called gibassier.

Orange blossoms are associated with fortune and fertility. To add to this, Greek mythology tells that Hera received orange blossoms before marrying the god, Zeus; as did the Roman goddess Juno when she married Jupiter.

Orange blossoms are one of the many edible flowers present of this Earth.

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