JULY 19, 2018 – EARACHES

hThere is always a child who swims all day in the pool and the next day has swimmer's ear. If it is infected, you must get treatment. It doesn't always have to be an antibiotic. I prefer a garlic-mullein flower oil remedy instead of an antibiotic. It works wonders and I have used for years with my own children.

There are other treatments for an ear problem that doesn't involve swimming and infection. You must avoid certain foods in children if they get a lot of ear aches. These foods are dairy, wheat, sugar, and even orange juice.

Your child needs plenty of rest and recovery when he/she has an earache.

My children always loved the warming teas I used when sick with earaches. This was a tea with ginger, lemon, honey - it was a great decongestant tea. Try it one day.

Until tomorrow...