JULY 10, 2018 – FLOWERS

Since being an herbalist, I have tried to read many books on herbs, flowers, gardens, and much more. Flowers and Their Histories by Alice M. Coats was published in 1956.

I started to read this book recently and was overcome by the mere facts of many of the flowers discussed. Many flowers have common folklore history attached to hem. The book was clearly written as a labor of love. If you are a gardener, you will understand this. The pleasures of a gardener are inexhaustible.

Last year I acquired a rare root from Hawaii by a Shaman. I cared for this root as if it were gold. During the winter, I watered it and placed the pot under lights. This summer, I placed the pot outside in the sun. It is starting to grow. This is when I decided to read Alice's book.

I highly recommend finding a copy – especially if you enjoy reading the history of flowers.

Until tomorrow...