There are many health benefits to a variety of mushrooms. The white button type (Agaracus bisporus) are the most popular. These are not used for their cancer prevention, but for their effect on the gut and its microbiome. They can improve the regulation of glucose in the liver. It is the most common mushroom ingested in the United States – about 90% of the time. There are some health benefits in addition to glucose regulation. Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States.

"Researchers at Arizona State University tested the effects of button mushrooms on the human endothelial cells in a test tube. The results of their study, published in the July 2010 issue of "Nutrition Journal," show that button mushrooms reduce inflammation in arterial cells and prevent white blood cells from sticking to arterial walls." These mushrooms can also boost your immune system by increasing the amount natural T killer cells. 

Mushrooms do have a high content of copper in addition to Vitamin D and many trace minerals.

I advocate for eating a variety of mushrooms in addition to the white button variety. Many mushrooms have an anti-cancer properties

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