AUGUST 10-12, 2018 – NECK PAIN

With the constant motion of the neck – along with position and the structures within the neck – it is susceptible to many types of injuries. Whether it is sleeping in the wrong position, an old or current whiplash, or even neck spasm. I suffer from cervical problems due to vertebrate C4-C5-C6 herniations. I am not a weight lifer and must have had this after a car accident. I have done prolotherapy, PRP (with my own platelets) and even bee venom therapy with live honeybees. 

I have used the following herbs for inflammation: Jamaican dogwood, white willow bark, and St. Johns Wort. I was told to drink celery juice to ease the pain which I have not tried.

I did use a homeopathic remedy Cimicifuga for neck stiffness/pain with some relief after 2 days.  I even used the homeopathic remedy Bryonia for stiffness. 

Until tomorrow...