Ayahuasca is made from two plants native to the Amazon jungle. It has been used for centuries by native peoples for healing and religious ceremonies, and has been gaining more attention from the rest of the world in recent years. Many more people have been trying this plant in ceremony with shamans on trips to Peru, Costa Rica and other places.

What we have known for years is the positive benefits from those using ayahuasca. Those who ritually take the brew have lower levels of depression, anxiety, hostility, paranoid ideation, phobias, worry, shyness, fatigability and weakness. Subjects who use ayahuasca also scored better on self-transcendence, spiritual orientation, transpersonal identification, self-forgetfulness, sacredness of life, altruism, subjective well-being and mission in life. This was compared to the control group that did not use ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is NOT for everyone. I believe you should discuss its use and possibility of doling it with others who have used it and be open with your health care practitioner. No judgement should be placed on anyone who uses this plant for a variety of reasons. I believe more research needs to be done with this plant and other psychedelic plants

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