We do not think of foods as cleansing or detoxifying foods. Many of my patients do view foods as cleansing foods. Our bodies are meant to cleanse. Our bodies must cleanse especially with the toxic world we live in.

There are too many insults to the body in our world today . It is in the food we consume, the water we drink, and in the air we breathe. Genetics play a minor role in the development of disease and cancer. There are 4 pathways of eliminating toxins in our body. Through breath, defecating, urinating, and sweating. 

One organ that is overlooked is the liver - the detoxifying organ. It is good to feed the liver with alkalinizing foods as parsley, fennel, kale, and even cilantro. Please don't forget the insoluble fibers for your gut to sweep out those toxins.

Happy detoxifying!

Until tomorrow...