SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 – B17

B17, also known as amygdain, has been used for years as a treatment for cancer. It is found in raw nuts especially in apricot seeds. Besides being a cancer cell toxin, B17 (given orally and intravenously) can promote natural programmed cancer cell death called apoptosis. It also has been shown to slow the growth of new blood vessels that feed the cancer.

Despite this information, a small study in 1982 revealed that B17 is a toxic drug and not effective in cancer. This mentality has been adopted by USA and Canadian physicians. It is wrong. As a physician, it is not the 'cure' nor should be used alone as treatment for any cancer. It should be used as a multi treatment protocol for cancer. This should be especially done if chemo-sensitive testing has been done. This testing tells the physician which drug, supplement, and herb can be used to kill the tumor. This testing is not always available or used within the United States.

Studies outside the USA have shown thousands of doses of B17 have stopped or slowed aggressive cancers.

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