Today, stress management is a focus of many discussions and the focus of doctor - patient intervention. There are many signs of stress that are common. The ones that are not so obvious are blood pressure rises leading to mini strokes, and increases in sugar levels in a diabetic.

I find that a patient who is stressed always states one thing, " I never feel rested no matter how much I sleep." Another one is feeling fatigued even after exercising. 

Laboratory testing needs to be done especially cortisol and DHEA. I utilize a DHEA and cortisol salivary testing. I feel it is important for me to ask about the stress of my patient. I have to ask about and manage stress in my patients in a manner that restores health to their body. I also must allow these changes to be maintained in some way. Not everyone can manage and maintain a level of well being.

Most of my patients know they should be getting a better nights sleep, should be eating less refined sugars and manage their stress with yoga and meditation. I go beyond this asking about hobbies they might do in the future. I often ask about their childhood and repeated a memory that made them happy.

It is much more than asking a patient to take a pill.

Until tomorrow...