Have you tried to lose weight by counting calories or a point system? It is not about that ! It is about the quality of your food. The quality of food has changed in the last 4 decades. This is due to the fact that more Americans eat proceeded foods full of additives. These additives are sugar, dyes, chemicals and more much. These are the hidden ingredients that are not on the labels.

Did you ever wonder how a jar of tomato sauce can stay on a shelf or in your cupboard for months. These hidden ingredients or bad additives keep it from spoling on the shelf. These additives are killing you These are the gut disruptors. I learned this many years ago and have been educating my patients as well as you with blogs for the last 9 years.

There are doctors being trained in this area- It is called Functional Medicine. I am a forerunner in this field from the very beginning. I have been saying for years that , “ All your health problems begin in the gut .” If you have a healthy gut or a healthy microbiome, then you are going to be healthy. There are 5 pounds of bacteria is the gut that needs to be balanced. This is a good balance between friendly and non friendly bacteria.

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