Our body contains 3,000 different enzymes. These are involved in a number of metabolic processes and functions. Some of these actions include helping you digest food, repairing the digestive system and increasing the immune support of your body. These are many digestive enzymes on the market. As we age, digestive enzyme levels start to decrease.

If you do not want to take enzymes, you can some from food. These are present in raw or fermented foods . These enzymes are destroyed by cooking. Due to the American diet being very processed— most of the food we eat has no enzymes.

In some individuals I recommend raw unpasteurized milk from other States ( as it is illegal in NYS ) Raw milk has digestive enzymes which homogenized / pasteurized milk does not have . There are 3 main classes of digestive enzymes in the body: amylase, lipase and protease.

Ask your naturopathic or functional medicine physician if you need digestive enzymes

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