There are many herbs that have been used in skin products in the recent years. Some of these are alteratives and some are vulnerary herbs. Some of the common herbs used in skin products are calendula, green tea, plantain and yarrow. The most popular skin herb known for healing is arnica.

I utilize many of these herbs in lip balms, and herbal salves. One company does an excellent job with skin products. It is called Bath and Unwind. ( www.bathandunwind.com ) I have utilized their MOA : The Green Balm with yarrow and tea tree oil.

With a beautiful blend of essential oils including sweet almond, Somerset yarrow and tea tree, it effectively soothes dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, treats chapped lips, soothes sore red skin, combats athletes foot, calms inflamed skin after shaving, helps to fade scarring and stretchmarks, softens cuticles and can even remove eye makeup.

The other product is Arnica Balm with calendula and eucalyptus. This is called Milk + Honey.

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