John Hopkins research has found out about something which herbalists and integrative practitioners have been talking about for at least 10 years.

The oils from garlic and other herbs have shown promise in treating Lyme Disease according to John Hopkins research. This was recently publishing in December 2018. Some researchers now believe that persistent Lyme ( which I call Chronic Persistent Lyme Syndrome) and post treatment Lyme disease may be a new disorder.

A new disorder ? They fail to realize that we have a Lyme Epidemic in the United States. But nevertheless, research is now being done on herbs for Lyme and persistent Lyme is being discussed by conventional physicians. This was published in the Journal , Antibiotics. The study studied and research 35 essential oils from herbs(plants ) and fruit.

It was found that some of these essential oils were better at killing Lyme infection than the standard conventional Lyme Protocol.

Kudos to John Hopkins for publishing and their research

So you see, all the herbs I have been used are beneficial and useful I also thank Stephen Buehner for publishing Healing Lyme. Some of these essential oils were from garlic, thyme, myrrh trees, and even cinnamon bark.

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