It is the painful fever blister known as Herpes I. These fever blisters are agitated by stress, tension, a lowered immune system ( in my case lack of sleep ) and sometimes even a diet rich in sugar and nuts. Nuts contain arginine which is the herpes virus fuel source.

I have learned to prevent outbreaks. I know when they start to happen as I get a sensation in my lower lips The following are steps to prevent the outbreak
1. I start to drink bitter teas to cool of my liver. I will tell you straight out that they do not taste well. These are Oregon Root, Dandelion and Yellow Dock
2. I add some Reishi mushrooms to my diet
3. I take echinacea tincture 1/2 dropperful twice to three times a day
4. I immediately start the two amino acids, lysine and proline in high doses
Lysine 500mg (6-8/day ) and Proline 500mg ( 6-8/day)

I have listened to many other herbalists regarding Licorice ( Glycyhhriza glabra) for the treatment of Herpes simplex I and II.It is the genus of the pea family. There are many medicinal uses for Licorice. I have used it in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease, but in the deglycerized version
In addition to starting some or all of 1-4 above, start applying licorice tincture to the affected area. I have seen others talk about adding lemon balm in the essential oil form. I like the combination of three tinctures St John's Wort, Licorice and calendula. Mix and dab throughout the day. I prefer due to work situation to drink the maximal dose of 1 teaspoon three times a day.

Until tomorrow…