Have you heard about bee venom therapy ? Apitherapy , the medicinal use of honey bee products, has been practiced since ancient times. In modern times, bee venom was to be of great use especially in arthritis and other inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

There are more than 1300 articles on Bee Venom Therapy. Last year, I published an article on Medicinal Use of Honeybee Products in the Journal of Complimentary Medicine. The French and Russian equivalents of the NIH has looked at the benefits of bee venom. Even the US Army has looked at bee venom.

There are 18 different products of bee venom. The most prevalent is Mellitin is one of the most potent anti inflammatory agents ( 100 x more potent than steroids) There are other components in bee venom as adolapin, which inhibits cyclooxygenase. The component Apamin inhibits complement C3 and blocks calcium and potassium channels in the cell membrane thus enhancing nerve transmission. There are multiple other components

I am a beekeeper and an apitherapist using bee venom for a number of clinical conditions

Support your local beekeeper and the American Apitherapy Society - www.apitherapy.org

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