The rise in the numbers of people complaining about allergies increases every year The allergy season will start soon It will have multiplied by last year. I could discuss how the Traditional Chinese medicine views allergies. It is assault by various evils, imbalance of fluid leading to dampness or some sort of weakness or deficiency. The external evil is the wind, which does make sense to me. Dampness makes me think of fungal infections (spores from different plants, which also makes sense). I do know the deficiency in Chinese medicine is the Qi, blood.

As previously discussed, allergies can be food or environmental. I spent some time blogging in early March about allergies, especially to yeast. The herbs are used to nourish the body, particularly the immune system. The immune system needs a boosting when you have environmental allergies. You know the symptoms--itchy, watery eyes, rashes, puffy eyes, sore throat (from nasal dripping) and general fatigue. A combination of echinacea and licorice is often used to treat hay fever. If you have high blood pressure, you must be careful using licorice.

Chamomile and yarrow can be given daily as a tea for allergies. They soothe the allergic response.

Stinging Nettles Leaf ( fresh tea is the best) provide immediate relief for hay fever. It acts like the standard conventional antihistamines (except without the drowsiness) The root of this plant is used for prostate issues

. The best is always Vitamin C to decrease the inflammatory response. You can use it through eating more citrus fruits, which contain bioflavinoids. The bioflavinoid is quercetin, which helps decrease the release of histamine. Histamine causes the allergic response. How much Vitamin

Some use essential oils of lemon balm, yarrow and chamomile, which can used in a bath, for a massage and an inhalant.

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