There have been many studies on the benefits of sleep. You must get quality sleep every night Many use conventional medications to sleep as Ambien, Trazadone, Lunesta, and Clonazepam. I usually want people to sleep without the conventional medications as some are addictive and have side effects. I utilize magnesium, theanine, CBD oil and many nervine herbs as Passion flower, Skull cap, California Poppy, Valerian and even Chamomille.

Quality sleep is known to facilitate the consolidation of memory as well as enhancing cognitive function. Over time it has been estimayted that quality sleep may protect against the development of dementia .

It has bene studied that restorative sleep , both stage 3 ( slow wave deep) and REM sleep have shown to reduce the deposition of amyloid ( beta ) in the brain and also facilitate (AB) ) clearance. It also enhances the glymphatic system of the brain enhancing drainage in metabolic toxins

These studies are encouraging. More needs to be done

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